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The TOP Administration project (which is just one of various projects and organizations hosted on this system) deals with all administrative issues on TaOPis - the transparent, open, public, autopoietic information system. The main idea of TaOPis is to provide a platform for self-organizing communities. Such communities can be either organizations or projects for which TaOPis provides suitable tools like semantic wiki systems, forums, blogs, ranking mechanisms, content filtering, tagging etc.

Mission Statement

The mission of this project is to facilitate further autopoietic development of the information system, as well as of the social system surrounding it. Most important services this project provides are decisions about administrative issues, as well as common news about the administrative processes taking place on the system. Please read the TaOPis’ Terms of service for any further information

Useful information

At the current time the autopoietic information system is under development and not 100% suited for everyday use. Still a lot of planned features have already been implemented and everyone is invited to participate in testing and further development.
Most communication is at the pressent moment at the TOP Development project. If you find a bug in the system or you would like to see an interesting feature to be implemented the TOP Development project is probably your starting point.
If you would like to test the system for it’s available features please use the TOP Sandbox project.
If you need support on how to use the system please use the TOP Support project.
If you find any SPAM on the system that you think should be removed use the TOP SPAM Police project to get any details on how to do that.
To just browse the system for interesting projects or organizations use the browse or the search feature available on the menu. To create your own project or organization register and go to My Settings (if you use the frontend at or just click new in the appropriate menu (if you use the Facebook application). Any feedback, bug report, idea, wish etc. is truly welcome on the TOP Development project’s forum.


20.03.2012. - Syntax highlighting for the [code] tag has been implemented using highlight.js. The [code] tag now automatically highlights a number of different languages. The parser has been updated as well to render program code better.

30.01.2011. - Breadcrumbs navigation for wikis has been implemented. Every project has now a visualization flash of the emerging ontology. A few minor bug fixes.

26.11.2009. - Amalgamation and annotation of dynamic queries has been implemented. Now it is possible to issue queries against any number of projects (using amalgamation), and to filter queries depending on the social network of users who created meta information. As from now users can also be tagged.

29.03.2009. - A lot of new and interesting features have been implemented like wiki page inclusion, automatic outlining, lists, page history etc. Take a look at the complete Niklas syntax reference (now including dynamic queries).

03.03.2009. - Dynamic queries have been upgraded with sorting facilities. Query results can now be ordered using the sort/2 predicate. A preview option, cumulative tagging, page locking as well as on-line status notification of users has also been implemented.

20.12.2008. - A Facebook application connecting to the TaOPis system has been implemented and is available under the application name Autopoiesis.

08.07.2008. - Dynamic queries in FLORA-2 syntax have been implemented. Take a look at query syntax (Croatian only) to get a feeling on how to issue queries. Please report any problems od bugs to the TOP Development project.

14.05.2008. - The system has been moved to the new domain The old and the new addresses are now working in parallel since some generated content still links to the old address. New graphical user interfaces (TaOPis Aqua and TaOPis Red sea) have been installed so any user can now change her interface at will. The old GUI has also been updated.

03.03.2008. - The export to OWL ontology feature has been implemented. For now it’s limited only to tagged content, members and the organization or project. Use class and subclass as attributes in your tags to extend the ontology. Ontologies have been tested in Protégé’s OWL edition, but please report any inconsistencies to the TOP Development project.

01.03.2008. - A new export to FLORA-2 ontology feature has been implemented. Now every project’s or organization’s dynamically created ontology (using tags and metadata) can be exported to FLORA-2 and used in semantic web applications. There were also some minor bug fixes and some speed-ups.

11.11.2007. - The SD2/PageRank ranking mechanism has been implemented. Now any project/organization member can vote for others and the ranking of all members using the PageRank algorithm is automatically generated. You can see members rankings now at the bottom of the main project/organization page.

02.10.2007. - The "bind to mailing list" feature has been implemented partially. Now individual projects or organizations can be bind to any mailing list/discussion group in a way that messages from the system can be read per e-mail and vice versa. It functions well, but since the integral decision making process hasn’t been implemented yet one cannot access it through the system. If you would like to test the feature please make a request at the TOP Development project forum.

30.09.2007. - The wiki syntax has been updated. Take a look at the new and improved syntax. Also some new features were implemented like limits of threads per forum, and messages per thread. Now you can browse forums more easily.

21.06.2007. - The system has been updated and now every user on accessing the first page (index) is automatically redirected to this wiki. Through this feature new users will hopefully get usefull information when first accessing the system and get ’a feeling’ of what this is about.

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